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Sport Research Update 15-16


Students from the MSc Coaching Science programme have been collaborating with Thomas Legge and Luciana De Martin Silva on some research into significant moments in coaching. Collaborative work between Sam Bullas and Thomas Legge on significant moments in elite ice hockey coaching was presented at the Third Biannual International Coaching Conference at Manchester Metropolitan University. Work by Emma Mundy, Luciana De Martin Silva, Thomas Legge and Polly Christian (University of Worcester) on significant moments and people in female coaching was presented at the same conference.

Hartpury students from the BSc (Hons) Strength and Conditioning programme attended the 7th Annual Strength and Conditioning student conference held at Middlesex University. The students were accompanied by Ben Drury and Dr. James McCarron and attended keynote presentations from Ed Baker, James Wild, Dr. Mark Russel and Eamonn Flanagan on the wheelchair rugby, sprint acceleration, influencing performance in team sports during half-time and extra-time and velocity-based strength training.

Third year students on the BSc (Hons) Strength and Conditioning programme have submitted work to the United Kingdom Strength and Conditioning Association Conference in September. Ben Jenkins has worked with Dr. James McCarron in investigating the impact of cognitive load during training on endurance exercise capacity improvements and Mike Dell has also worked with James in investigating the impact of mental fatigue on neuromuscular power performance. Thomas Green’s work investigating elite strength and conditioning coaching was supported by Ben Drury and Luciana De Martin Silva. Finally, Ben Vellacott worked with Ben Drury and James McCarron on his research comparing GPS activity profiles between non-selected player’s additional training sessions and competitive match play.

Tom Seery’s work was presented at the International Sport and Exercise Nutrition Conference (ISENC). Tom worked with Andrew Dobson on his research investigating the effects of ingesting an isocaloric carbohydrate protein drink versus chocolate milk on endurance cycling capacity in male collegiate athletes. The conference proceedings were published in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism.

Thomas Green and Josh Pike presented their undergraduate dissertation work at the Hartpury Research Conference in June 2016. Tom worked with Ben Drury and Luciana De Martin Silva to look at the coaching habits and practices of elite strength and conditioning coaches. Josh worked with Luciana to investigate coaches’ perceptions, and preferences for, coach education within the foundation phase of Professional Elite Football Academies.

MSc Coaching Science student Marink Reedijk presented his postgraduate dissertation work in an engaging presentation at the Hartpury Research Conference. Marink presented his ideas on coaching philosophy and asked the audience to reflect on the philosophy of an organisation, particularly relating personal and playing philosophies within a football context.



First and Second year BSc (Hons) Sport Coaching students have participated in a peer mentoring project conducted by Luciana De Martin Silva, Thomas Legge, Gemma Sharples and Lucy Ractliffe. Focus group data has been collected and analysed looking at the mentor-mentee relationship between Level 4 and Level 5 students.

First year BSc Equestrian Coaching and 2nd year FdSc Sport Coaching students have participated in a project that investigated the use of e-portfolios in Higher Education. The study was conducted by Gillian Reindl, Luciana De Martin Silva and Victoria Lewis. Focus group data has been collected throughout the year looking at the challenges and benefits of using e-portfolios as a reflective and professional development tool.