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Animal and Land Research Update 14-15


Faye Rogers (BSc (Hons) Animal Behaviour and Welfare) and Dr Mary Farrell presented research at the Universities’ Federation for Animal Welfare (UFAW) 2014 conference in York upon ‘Enclosure utilisation of spider monkeys at Bristol zoo’.

Alex Blundell (BSc (Hons) Animal Behaviour and Welfare) and Katie Slocombe (BSc (Hons) Animal Behaviour and Welfare), who were supervised by Lucy Clarke, presented their posters entitled ‘Evaluation of the time-based element of Churchfield’s standardised methodology for baited-tube surveying of Water Shrews’ and ‘Comparison of over-wintering behaviour of hedgehogs in urban and rural environments’ at the Mammal Society Student Conference 2014 at Aston University in Birmingham.

Stephanie Spiers (BSc (Hons) Animal Behaviour and Welfare) and Phill Greenwell presented a talk entitled ‘Seeing red? Evaluating the conservation status of zoos using the IUCN red list’ at the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums (BIAZA) Research Symposium 2014 at Blair Drummond Safari Park.

Research undertaken by Laura Cox (BSc (Hons) Animal Management) and Dr Tamara Montrose upon ‘The influence of human-animal relationships on public perception of the morality of animal use’ was presented at the International Society for Anthrozoology (ISAZ) 2014 Satellite Meeting on Ethics and Cognition in Vienna.

Carrie Haslam (BSc (Hons) Bioveterinary Science) and Dr Tamara Montrose presented their research upon the impact of mating experience and the desire for marriage upon attraction to the narcissistic personality at the EHBEA (European Human Behaviour and Evolution Association) 2015 conference in Helsinki.

Hartpury students and staff participated in the Hartpury ALS Research Seminars which were held in December 2014 and April 2015. These seminars involved talks from staff, students and external speakers. MSc by research in Animal Behaviour and Welfare students, Estelle Vickery and Simon Hubbard, Hartpury graduate, Laura Cox (BSc (Hons) Animal Management), and undergraduate students, George Angell (BSc (Hons) Animal Science) and Clarissa Brayley (BSc (Hons) Animal Behaviour and Welfare) delivered presentations upon their research. Staff members, Dr Alison Wills, Dr Carrie Ijichi, Colin Stevenson and Chris Browne also presented talks upon their research.

Hartpury students and staff also attended the 10th UFAW Student Animal Welfare conference at Moulton College. This annual event gives students from UFAW link colleges an opportunity to present their own research to their peers. Following a key note speech by Dr Peter Kettlewell of Scotland’s Rural College, students heard presentations from a number of their colleagues.  Aleksandra Lipinska (BSc (Hons) Animal Behaviour and Welfare), Mary Barnfield (BSc (Hons) Animal Behaviour and Welfare) and Charlotte Forkes (BSc (Hons) Bioveterinary Science) presented talks on Body Condition Score and Activity levels among captive White Rhinoceros at West Midlands Safari Park, Motor lateralisation and xenophobia in dogs and Rider attitudes towards horses being ‘on the bit’ and the impact of rider education on understanding of horse performance and welfare. Over lunch, there was a chance to see posters developed by fellow students on a wide range of topics related to animal welfare science, from budgerigar aviculture to stocking density and parasites in dairy cattle to the effects of owner lifestyle on canine health. Georgia Edwards, Emma Proudfoot, Chloe Yates, Stephanie Parfrey (BSc (Hons) Animal Behaviour and Welfare), Anna Haughey and Courtney Smith (BSc (Hons) Bioveterinary Science) all presented posters on their dissertation research. All students worked incredibly hard. A particular mention goes to Chloe Yates who received the runner-up award for her poster, entitled ‘Does video footage aid in the successful adoption of dogs in a rehoming centre.’


Several students have had their dissertation work published in peer-reviewed journals:

Gina Stephens (BSc (Hons) Animal Behaviour and Welfare): Stephens, G. and Montrose, V.T (2014) Soothing the Savage Beast: The Effect of Auditory Enrichment on Domestic Cats. The Shape of Enrichment, 23 (1-2), 9.

Ciara Seager, Yasmin Wroe and Marianne Baron (BSc (Hons) Veterinary Nursing Science): Seager, C., Wroe, Y., Baron, Farrell, M and Hadwin, C. (2015) Methodologies used to test the palatability of nutraceuticals products in both cats and dogs. The Veterinary Nurse, 6 (1), 4-11.

Sophie Myles (BSc (Hons) Animal Behaviour and Welfare): Myles, S. and Montrose, V.T. (2015) The effects of olfactory stimulation on the behaviour of captive meerkats (Suricata suricatta). Journal of Zoo and Aquarium Research, 3 (2), 37-42.

Carrie Haslam (BSc (Hons) Bioveterinary Science): Haslam, C. and Montrose, V.T. (2015) Should have known better: The impact of mating experience and the desire for marriage upon attraction to the narcissistic personality. Personality and Individual Differences, 82, 188-192.